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    PixelSpark - Pixelmon

    PixelSpark is the network to come to for the up to date, ultimate Pokemon experience. With four different servers to play on, each with an amazing staff team, you have the freedom to choose your adventure!
    It would take forever to list every single amazing feature which we have to offer, but here's a snapshot.

    • Awesome Features on our Network:
    • Gyms where you can battle real players.
    • 4 different, and amazing servers to choose from.
    • Active player base and staff.
    • You don't have to pay real money for ANY Pokemon.
    • Fresh, scheduled events for you to enjoy.
    • Did I mention inter-server events with REAL money prizes?
    • Amazing exclusive builds, on all of our servers.
    • Comprehensive tutorials that will have new players up to speed in no time!
    • Active website staff with lightning quick responses.
    • Ranks and rewards that can be obtained without paying real money.
    • Spam and grief prevention to make your experience much more enjoyable.
    • Kits and daily rewards.
    • A GTS and market for items.
    • Most of all, you don't need to pay, to win.
    • Not convinced yet? Come on over to pixelspark and join a server of your choice. I guarantee you'll want to stay.

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