Pixelmon Generations 1.3.1 Release

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    Pixelmon Generations 1.3.1 has officially been released!

    Within this update, we worked on targeting general optimization, bug fixes, smaller additions, and pokemon forms. There are over 100 models edited for optimization, an entire new system for spawning pokemon, many new abilities, new items, and multiple new forms that are heavily requested.

    The downloads can be found on this page, or on our discord at Pixelmon Generations.
    There is a lot of future content, optimizations, and changes planned; and we hope to see you stick around and continue supporting Pixelmon Generations with our development!
    General Additions:
    • Repel - A much loved item in the main games, has been added to the mod. It can be activated/deactivated on right click, and lasts for 255 chunks. The amount of chunks left can be shown by looking at the durability of the item, however it does not ever break. It is a shiny boss drop, which will make it somewhat hard to obtain multiple, so we have implimented a refill feature by placing a rotten flesh in a crafting inventory with a repel
    • Pokedolls have been added by popular request, the current list added being Blastoise, Charizard, Cyndaquil and Clefairy
    • A new SetHeldItemEvent and AttackLearnedEvent was added for people who like sidemods
    • Added onBuy and onSell commands to Shop Keeper items

    Pokemon Related Additions:
    • Kyurem's two alternate fusions, White Kyurem and Black Kyurem have been added to the game, to achieve these forms you must have a Kyurem, a Reshiram/Zekrom, and Activated DNA Splicers. To fuse them into a pair, you must throw out Kyurem with one of the other two in your party, then right click with the Activated DNA Splicers to initiate the fuse.
    • Arceus has had all it's respective plates added to the game, corresponding to each of the remaining typings. When any of the plates are equipped to any pokemon, they get a 20% boost to moves of the same typing of the plate. If one of them is given to Arceus, it changes Arceus' typing and the move Judgement to that of the plate equipped, with the bonus of 20% being stacked on.
    • Genesect's four drives have been added to the game, with the respective changes to genesect being made. These drives consist of the shock drive, the burn drive, the chill drive, and the douse drive. These change genesect's Techno Blast move to either electric, fire, ice, or water typing instead of normal.
    • Keldeo's Resolute Form has been added, and to achieve it your Keldeo must know secret sword
    • New Abilities added consist of Dazzling, Queenly Majesty, Battery, Berserk, Fluffy, Innards Out, Prism Armor, Shadow Shield, Slush Rush, Stamina, Steelworker, Water Bubble, Water Compaction, Aerilate, Gale Wings, Parental Bond, Pixilate, Prankster, Refrigerate, Weak Armor, and Sand Rush
    • Zeraora has been added with legendary spawn rates for the Savanna biome

    General Fixes:
    • Boulders no longer sound like gravel when placed or broken
    • Rayquazanite now does nothing (item remains for server owners to swap for Dragon Ascent if they wish to do so)
    • Fixed bugged battles
    • Fixed most of the TM's not working on certain pokemon

    Pokemon Fixes:
    • Rayquaza now mega evolves through Dragon Ascent instead of Rayquazanite
    • Shinies now work for pokemon with halloween textures
    • Pokemon can no longer engage in battle with creative players
    • Dark Void's Accuracy was reduced from 100% to 50% as an adjustment to generation 7 mechanics
    • Pokemon with different forms now default to the right ones
    • Broken catch rates on all pokemon were fixed
    • Moves have all been updated to Gen 7 Mechanics
    • MewTwo Y typing fixed
    • Togedemaru model fixed
    • Shadow Lugia model fixed
    • Fixed model size issues with most larger pokemon

    Optimizations and Technical Fixes:
    • Multithreaded Spawning System - Prevents spawn calculations from occupying a currently running thread, with the addition of a specified spawn thread for each dimension
    • Database has been repaired to allow easier access to fixing broken moves and other things in future updates
    • Fixed Random Tile Entities being casted to TileEntityPokegift causing crashes
    • Max spawns per tick now defaults to 10 instead of 100
    • Fixed class casting issues with a lot of out-of-sync blocks
    • Jar size reduced by 350mb
    • Over 100+ pokemon models had poly reductions to help combat the FPS issues

    Server Owners:
    There is an issue with pokecolor that results in pokemon being duplicated visually client side, then deleted if messed around with, so we recommend removing that command from any ranks until future notice
    Delete the Pixelmon2.h2.db in /database/ and let it regen a new one upon startup.
    Pokedolls are experimental and have issues with FPS drops, recommended to not place them around spawn or give them to players

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    I have two things to say...

    For Mega Stone's icons, I can respect that you guys do not use the icons I made, but the new icons you made are different from the vanilla Pixelmon. This should be fixe, Please create new icons to replace those icons of vanilla Pixelmon.

    Pokémon fans come from all over the world, so this mod requires many different translation volunteers to update those ".lang" files, and I am one of them.

    I had contributed my translation in November, but you guys never updated it, and I don't understand why. If you guys really and serious want continuation of this MOD, you guys must address the need for translation, open a platform enable translation volunteers can be update the ".lang" files!

    I am Taiwanese, I update Traditional Chinese, and its language code is "zh_TW". And i also see an Russian language translator who contributes here. Let me state here again: If you guys really and serious want to continue this MOD, you guys will meet more translation volunteers, you guys have to face up to this problem.
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    Before I'm updating this version. It's very lag lmao.
    I want someome who can share a little bit setting plZ.
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    cool i like it xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
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    what is the version ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????
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    help where I download this version, plis, version 1.3.2 gives me problems

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