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    Journey Gaming Network
    Journey Gaming Network

    Welcome to Journey Gaming! Here on Journey, we aim to give you the most enjoyable pixelmon experience with our unique content, events, and most importantly: our fantastic family-friendly community! Join one of our Dark Servers: Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova and you will immediately see our breathtaking builds along with a warm "Welcome!" in chat!

    Our servers are always are always updating and releasing new custom content you won't see anywhere else! Earn rewards daily just by playing on the server! Challenge our gym lines run by experienced staff members and earn all 8 badges! If you are into the competitive scene, you can also battle our E4 and our Tier-2 Gyms! Try our Achievement system where you can finish challenges to earn achievements and earn points to spend in the achievement shop! You will also always see staff members answering questions, NPC Gyms, daily events with rewards, tournaments, vote parties, and much more!


    • Player Gyms
    • NPC Gyms
    • Elite 4
    • Vote Parties
    • Riding Pokemon Enabled
    • Wondertrade
    • GTS (Global Trade System)
    • Custom Journey Achievement System
    • Achievement Shop
    • Daily Rewards
    • Tournaments
    • Aura Pokemon
    • Move Tutor
    • Black Market
    • Giant Open World
    • Grief Prevention
    • Kind Staff
    • Amazing Family-Friendly Community!
    • Much More!
    Join us now to start your Journey! See you there!

    Journey Gaming Network
    IP: play.journeygaming


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